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In 1976, Oswald Wholesale Bait Co. was started with a 1975 F-350 Ford, with a three-hole bait tank.

From 1976 to 1987, our company had the great opportunity to work with, and receive guidance of the Palmer family. One of the most experienced Minnow trapping families in the mid-west. Since 1987, we developed our business on a larger scale, this has been achieved by hauling more diversified bait, to a much broader market.

In 1990, we purchased ground in South Dakota where our trapping operation expanded, and our holding ponds have been developed.

In 1995, our operation took on a new look. We began brokering, and hauling Golden Shiners from Arkansas to the northeast coast.

In the year 2000, we established a link in Arkansas with a premier fish farm for all our Golden Shiners, Goldfish needs. The professionalism allows us exceptional quality and availability. We can source product from this facility year around.

The year of 2000 also included a large expansion of our facility in Ellendale, Minnesota. We added a 60' X 160' facility for Fat head Minnows, giving us the capability of holding 4000 gallon or 32,000 pound of fish inside. This shed allows us the space to analyze the quality of the bait to be shipped. If we find any external or internal problems in our fish in it allows us the space to make corrections prior to the distribution. This greatly decreases the mortality rate at our dealer's facilities and enables us to stand by our "live delivery" guarantee.

In the Spring of 2001, we began growing of our own Wax Worms. At our current production rate we grow over one million wax worms per week! Are those little guys ever hungry? Wow!

Our mission is simple: to source, protect, and deliver live bait products that our dealers can be proud to offer for sale, at a fair market price.

Greg Oswald

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