Our mission is simple -
To provide products and services that our dealers can be proud of
and to grow our industry by helping others.

At Oswald Fisheries...

To accomplish our mission, we offer the following products and services:

 Game Fish: While best known for our ability to procure quality live bait, we also source feed minnows and game fish for pond stocking. ( learn more )

 Bait: For over 20 years Oswald Fisheries has been serving the fishing industry by sourcing, raising, and delivering live bait products. ( learn more )

 Wax Worms: A fast growing division of Oswald Fisheries, we provide top notch wax worms to wholesalers. ( learn more )

 Consulting: Starting your own fish farm? Getting off on the right foot is key. On our staff, we have qualified/skilled professionals that can provide you with various levels of consulting help -- from total pond restoration,or simple weed control. Contact Us for more information.

Our Business Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 -- 3:00 Central Time

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